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Financial gifts fuel the Northwood Education Foundation's work and are the conduit for the community's sharing in expanding Northwood School's educational opportunities. The gifts help put the power of knowledge and experience in their hands.

The foundation is a non-profit organization, so each donation is tax-deductible, providing an added bonus for the giver. We invite you to join with us in this partnership for education through any of the avenues listed below.

Cash: Gifts of cash are an easy way to join us in fostering education. They can be designated for specific types of projects if desired and can also be given in honor of or in memory of a special person.

Real Estate: The donation of real estate not only helps the Foundation accomplish its mission, it allows you to deduct the fair market value as a
charitable contribution, without having to pay capital gains taxes. Arrangements can be made for you to continue living on the property.

Securities: Giving appreciated securities such as stocks and bonds provide funding for the Foundation's work while allowing you a tax deduction without capital gains taxes.

Bequests: A gift through your will allows your legacy to be carried forward.

Charitable Trusts: A variety of arrangements can be made that will greatly benefit you and the Foundation.

Life Insurance: You can designate the foundation as a beneficiary or the policy owner to further build on the opportunities available at Northwood School.

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